Want LOADS More Traffic at Pinterest?

Are your pins getting overlooked, seemingly? I just got back from tripping on a secret. I stumbled into a blog which must have had a great title. This is the very realistic reason I followed into a pin to the article where I learned more to get less overlooked than before.

Commonly the Before would look like this: 5 Ways to Make Money. Do you see what seems off about this term. Maybe you have the number of ways right, but it seems to go wrong at the Make Money.

Why? How much money and possibly, per day, not even beginning with a full answer. You don’t know if it is pitiful, like $5 a week, or good, like $500 a day. Do you now see what happened there?

Sure it started well, but then it “slipped off the stones” into the creek midstream. This is the kicker.

What you DO want is this: 5 Ways to Make $500 Dollars a Day.

Would you be more inclined to click this headline? I think you and I would, very much more than the previous one. This is a prime example of improving clickthrough on Pinterest. This last headline is what you really want to strive for. I thank Smartpreneur for teaching me, and me not being a bullhead and ignoring that, unlike how I USED to be. Thank gosh I can take this to heart and correct my ways.

I would sometimes see headlines I liked and click them and wonder WHY? Like, WHAT was their secret to “cause” me to actually follow right through with a click? Now I have found out, so did you!

Much more, it can even be helpful with affiliate product site pages too, just remember to fill out a good helpful article, though. This is the only thing to keep your readers. The title, though is the hook to bring your clicks in for your page, article and pin.


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