I had tried to use bit.ly at first for an URL shortener. Also there was Goo.gl, but they phased that out and the new version seems rather geared now for mobile phones.

Now your problem is WHAT URL Shortener Should I Use? IF you have noticed any of my links, I do have an URL shortener baked into my site.

For a Premium option, there is REBRANDLY. What I am using RN is app.short.cm . I would use Rebrandly if you want to BUY a domain or so with your short URL option. Else app.short.cm is a good free starter option.

How do I bake it into my site, you ask? If you are technically savvy. Lucky I was. What you do is get your domain name written into a customize with using “go” without quotes, then a comma, then your domain.

Get 2 A records in your hosting. Write go in the 2 A records. From where you had gotten IP addresses, fill these in the 2 A records you have created. The DNS you are given will be specified for you to set 2 A records from the domain management area. DO NOT remove or modify. Just simply add Two A records and label them go. Then fill the domain given to you in the now empty DNS entries waiting to be filled, do set the new DNS numbers in the 2 empty spots in the NEW records created.

Wait 2-3 hours, then go to your dashboard of either app.short.cm, or Rebrandly dashboard and shorten your links.

You must be ready as heck to explode severely, “Why this“? Very simple and it helped me wildly. For some stupid reason, none of the now public Url Shorteners like bit.ly work at all on Pinterest or Twitter.

“Why”, you are begging still very much so. Spammers have spoiled these so bad that it is why. If you have your own short link on your own domain, I have yet to find this happening. Try it!

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