Today is Meet and Greet.

Hello there,

You came into my blog today for a meet and greet. How did you get to my blog, such as followed a link, else happened into it, somehow? I am curious. I had discovered a handful of comments as I restarted and updated my blog. Yes the theme is nicer, for example.

Are you also in the process of learning about affiliate and Pinterest and FB marketing too? I just started with this. I did see a mite o’ traffic, unsure if I just had it kickstarted off, or was it real people clicking. Yep, it is the unsure stage RN.

For Pinterest, I hear you have to place 10 images a day to rank up. IDK if that is anymore absolutely true, but it does make sense. This is one of the things I am learning about.

Let’s get the conversation of how we arrived here started, okay? Would be cool to learn more about you.

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