Review 1 of The Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries
The Dork Diaries, my fave series of the day

I had received some money for Christmas, but before this, I glanced several times at The Dork Diaries while in WalMart. I saw these books were MUCH more deluxe than the, let’s say Babysitters’ Club when I was a kid.

Why? Because it mixed up, for one thing, graphics within the writing, like some kids diaries likely are. I was entertained very much so by this format, rather than dull text only. I found this way of book creation very interesting. It lent more interest than a plain text book ever could.

When I found all of the cute as pie graphical work amongst the writing, oh yea, the writing was similar to teens writing, as well. I sure loved that, not to mention being able to vicariously “live the teen years” of the story. There is quite a handful of The Dork Diaries out. I am unsure how much more are even yet to come.

Thankfully when the Dork Diaries series comes to an end, there are even more books made in this style that I also have seen and will follow up on.

I now have books 1-3 of The Dork Diaries. I already do love the way they were created by the author. These books are much more beautiful to look at the graphic work and read than any other books that I have before read. Sometimes if a disappointing thing happened to the characters involved, there would even be a funny little frowning smiley after a paragraph written about the event in question.

I want to get the rest of the books until I do “crash into” an end. My upcoming small dream, yes, do-able, is to have the whole set of books.

Yes, these diaries are so hilarious that I am nearly in tears from laughter most every time that I take a time out to read some. I just adore Rachel Renee Russell’s The Dork Diaries. It seems to me that it is one of the first books, else set of books that do have graphics tied in with text, and yes, very cool graphical work.

I believe I had seen these books for 2-3 years and had always wanted them since a first peek at them back then. I never did then have the money to get them, but finally, this last Christmas, I was able to HAVE some money to actually buy for real, this time. They had recurrently been on my mind, so I thought Now was a great time to get started.

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