Shortlink on Social Media?

Many of my fellow affiliate marketers must be well-stumped on how to use a or such link in a Pinterest or other such social media location. I was also stumped for 25 minutes on this very problem as well. WE know how that feels. Not too great, hmm?

I have accidentally discovered a solution. Thankfully, today I am giving this out of the goodness of my heart, meaning NO aff link here.

The Solution I found is this:

I accidentally spilled into an URL shortener article mentioning that you can make a short url with YOUR domain and not be blocked, unlike your well-known generic URL shortener, like

You must be struggling with this problem. I can only bet that around 50-85 % of affiliate marketers are fighting with this problem. GAH! It sucks

Imagine having you very own URL shortener under your own domain. Expensive, right? NO, this is where you could be flat and dead wrong! is your now long-awaited surrrrr-prise! (NOT aff link!) Nope! Yours FREE!

The idea is to read directions 3-6 times to make sure that you can do this without screwing up your domain.

If you Need Help With URL Shorteners:

Contact me at

And specify that you want a CUSTOM Url Shortener. You do NOT want to use the generic ones out there. It WON’T work. You want a CUSTOM URL shortener with YOUR domain.

Contact me and I can get you set up with your account and URL shortener. This service is very easy, but a technical thing. I can have it pretty much done in 10 Minutes from the time I receive a payment and email. As it is a technical job, I will need:

Access to your DNS records to add the extra 2 slots of A records, commonly labeled “Go”. There is NO other thing to modify, except add a couple additional A records. Very easy. Next is to wait 2 hours to propagate online, and then you can begin to use it.

The site where to create the link will be enclosed to get into to place links. I will send you the link in an email and REMEMBER to change the password in your new account when I send the link to your new dashboard with instructions to use it.

The fee is $25 USD. Just $25. Also, I can place this on Fiverr as well as an additional place for this gig, additionally.


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