FREE Education Certificates Exist? Yes.

Free Certificates? Yes!

Are you wondering if free education certificates existed? Free education certification does exist. Unbelievable, but true! Amazed, this is what I found during a Google Search episode this morning. What little I knew about being in for a real treat!

What I Didn’t Know About Certification…

Realizing suddenly that the results available today shows massive growth, I craved so much more. Still, there is more search fodder to explore. This is so endless. I am sure I will not see the end of results, possibly for days. Stunned, I kept searching and racking my brain to see what really existed.

Yes, I was gasping and gasping in shock as I saw that Google Results had many results, seemingly to zero end. Free education certificates were far more plentiful than ever even hoped for. It was unreal!

What a day of searching! I am exhausted this evening from looking and just generally browsing what I found SO FAR. Who even knows what I will be finding tomorrow and future searching adventures. Free education certificates are plentiful nowadays. Any wonder that I was extremely stunned after discovering this?

Just search Google Search for “free online certificates” and earn free certificates to begin to see what is out there. Use a term like Internet Marketing for more targeting at something of interest. This was only an example. Google Search can truly be a best friend that you did not know you knew.

One of the places where I found one free certificate to start with is on a part of the Google family called Google Garage. This was a large surprise to me.

Old Beliefs Were A Problem…

The trouble was that I had the belief that you had to pay, PERIOD, for certification. That was a terrible and false belief, created by the old tired idea that you had to go to a real campus and class to secure a real certificate. Little did I know that you can really, REALLY, get a real certificate at home online! The source of the terrible false belief was left over from the very old days. Distance learning was very rare, and yes, you still had to pay, no matter what. This was an additional impediment in my old belief system.

The VERY old belief system that I had before today was functioning like two WEEK old leftovers in the fridge.Those leftovers were just, no good for anything. I am glad to throw those leftovers out and just “clean up the fridge”, so to speak.

For over a decade I had been laboring under a problematic belief system. Yes, I had heard of online certification, but thought that you would HAVE to pay somewhere. Apparently not always the case. Additionally, when I had checked the search results way back then, there had been only 5-10 of these at the time. I couldn’t imagine it spawning like nuts over a decade.

Revolutionary New Belief System

Today was a very interesting and revolutionary day for me. The 2 week old leftovers were impeding me for years and there was no room yet for new belief systems. Finally, I was so very sick of the “leftovers in fridge”, so to speak.

Google Search came to the rescue by accident as I was looking for sites like Udemy. There was a suggestion something like “free certificates” sort of thing. Curiosity being piqued, this was the suggestion that “caused the fridge to get cleaned out”, so to speak. Out went the 2 week old leftovers.

No telling how many leftovers had been thrown. Oh, the “fridge” was stuffed tightly before the Google Search adventure was started. I could no longer stop my searching adventure because there was so many options continually popping up in the suggestions.

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