COVID-19 Lockdown & Creativity

Oh, there is a real pile of issues happening with the COVID-19 lockdowns and society. First of all, social distancing is difficult for many people, Being online most of the time, and especially on Facebook, I am finding the awesome creativity of people who “were” hampered by this necessity, but were managing the situation with beautiful gracefulness.

This is one way that people have “gotten together” yet safely. I love love LOVE the creativity of some people. Til an emergency & Crisis comes up like this, you cannot know what people will dream up.

Other known creative activities:

Creative activities showing in in videos and stories such as a private parade of cars with floats and so forth going by a birthday boys’ house were very creative and amazing. People doing drop offs w/o contact and things appearing on steps are another sweet gesture that people care. I just love to read these types of stories.

Some people are making curtains with arm holes to be able to hug others without the risks of possible infections. It strikes me as slightly, slightly odd, but I am understanding, knowing about the current situation of the COVID-19 lockdowns.


People are so creative these days that I am very amazed. Do you find it amazing how creative people are within the guidelines of the COVID-19 lockdowns? Maybe we cannot have parties that we are commonly familiar with, but a parade of cars with floats would be a fantastic alternative for another way to party instead, without any contact.

I never could realize the actual potential for creativity of people until the COVID-19 lockdowns happened. This is when realizing the potential truly was born to let me know that there is much more potential than is seen in dandy situations. We cannot know until a situation will present itself somehow.

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