Contena for Writers

Hi there, I have been wanting to join Contena for a whole year. I stared and stared at the membership fees for it. NOT. Funny. Why? I have been on Disability income for our state/province. This is why I could never ever even begin to afford the fee to join Contena.

Well, a government block of money due to the Covid-19 crisis was a real send-in from God Him Self! Finally I could afford it like there was NO. Tomorrow. I joined as soon as I possibly could, despite the steep fees to join Gold for a year.

Suffice it to say, I am so glad I did! I used to struggle for $3 USD average for 1 article on sites like oDesk. This was one I had always known. Unknowingly, I participated as an unsuspecting gladiator in the “Low Ball Bid Game” for any sad job. Trouble. Yes, trouble with a Capital T. See? I knew no better, not much anyhow. The rest of the story that was so bad was that I had ZERO information to enable entry into better paying jobs, rather than a $3-5 per article, avg. 1500 words per piece.

The desperately sad reason for this “mishap” is because I had ZERO ideas on how to get any pitches to even be seen. I had zero clues upon where to even start. Here, you will see where I was paralyzed and hopeless as could be. So many things were not right. I had gotten “bad medicine”, or wrong information from random sources. This was ONLY the beginning of what was killing me from any outsets I could have had.

I had unwittingly been participating in these games, and yes, the lions bit me. Badly. I had NO idea, additionally, how to do a pitch worth a sniff, or any thing at all. I was, for one thing, way too formal with pitches, if I even sent any. Now do you see why not one of these pitches were being opened?

If you want to know how to get your pitch READ, not to mention, opened even. Do beg, borrow, or “steal” to buy at LEAST a gold membership for Contena. I could not quit screaming all darned day after many doors opened and opened. Sorry, neighbors for shrieking all day!

It seems like many enormous amounts of doors have opened THIS MORNING only. It was like being in a game with hallways and hallways of many endless doors. I was so sick last night with despair. OK. That was when. I did NOT have a proper formula, or even KEY, to open ONE door. Last night, late night, not even. One. Door. Opened.

Despair was setting in, and last night after dark, it was so horrible that I simply could NOT function. What happened is that I picked up, figuratively, in this game, a wrong key and “wrong combination letter”, so that is the culprit. Firstly, the wrong key was incorrect/inaccurate information and the wrong combination letter was the incorrectly formed and too formal pitches. These two items alone did not work worth a hoot. Here, you see why I was about to pack up the game to go back to the “lobby” where oDesk was. Even then, oh my golly. Much more, to even close up the game and turn off the computer, so to speak.

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