Canadian & NO Surveys? Your Answer To This Problem!

Do you “do” GPT sites and hardly ever get any decent survey opps? Annnnndddd……. You Are in Canada?

Ok! Time to quit fearing this problem. I go to PrizeRebel and earn $5-10, often in Starbucks cards, and yes, they send the cards in question by email in 24 hours! Every. Last. Time!

You don’t necessarily have to even do the offer walls, unless you want to open up many more chances at surveys, just don’t have to do the paid/trial offers unless you truly want to.

Once I tried PrizeRebel, the rest of ANYTHING else was history, considering I was in Canada, and had FAB results, similar to what US citizens are able to commonly attract. WELL! Something for Canadians for good measure. I could have thrown a major fit!!

Now that my fave massive portal of PAYING surveys has been found for Canada, I invite you to join in, especially anywhere you are in Canada.

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