2020 & Beyond is RADICAL!

@020 is starting to look better than I truly anticipated! I just started out on this blog and gonna milk it for what it is and even more. If you are Canadian, you will go NUTTY!

I am always searching around for Canada-Friendly deals, savings and ways to make money. I am glad the Internet is getting so much better all the time.

I remember wayy back in 1996 when the Net was just being born. We hardly had as many options for business as we do now.

Further back in time when I was little, all of us kids would hear: Go to work, 9-5 and get promotions. That was generally all that was drummed into us in the 1900’s and before. Well, that is all we knew.

We could NEVER dream of the Internet providing us with so many opportunities that it IS mind-boggling. Soon as Web 2.0 came out, the social media and Pinterest came out, then things became EXTREMELY unreal!

People ARE making $5,000+ at home! I am finally beginning to believe this. It DOES take work, but I, for one, will get there. I have seen past examples of this happening and am joining it.

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